8 SAT Essay Topics for Australian Students

8 SAT Essay Topics

The questions you are asked to answer in SAT exams seem random when you first read them. But SAT exams actually follow a pattern when it comes to essay questions. Here for your assistance, we have complied 10 essay topics from real tests. All these essay prompts are collected from actual SATs or College Board material.

Opinion and Values:

  1. Should people always value new ideas, things or values over old ones?
  2. Should people be valued according to their capabilities rather than their achievements?


  1. Is it better to decide one’s own ideas of right and wrong or follow the crowd?
  2. Can dishonesty be appropriate in some circumstances?

Success and Achievement:

  1. Can any obstacle turn into something beneficial?
  2. Which is more important — job satisfaction or high-paying work?

Society and Culture:

  1. Can average people be better role models than famous people?
  2. Is most of the thing that people buy unnecessary?

How to get the most of these prompts?

Now you have a bunch of essay topic suggestions that are commonly used in SAT exams. It is important to use them effectively. To do it, you should focus on quality rather than quality. Do not attempt to write essay all the topics; pick the topics that trouble you. Develop an opinion about those topics. This way you can understand which one you are comfortable with, and which one is giving you hard time.

Step-by-step guide on how to practice:

  • Choose a random topic from the above or select a topic that is deliberately hard for you to write about
  • Write an essay with a timer set to 25 minutes; don’t give yourself any extra time
  • Grade the essay out of 12, using SAT essay rubric. Notice the weak spots and try to improve on them. Do you run out of time or face a hard time to create good introduction and conclusion? Practice according to you capabilities.

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