3 Research Challenges Faced By Students And How Dissertation Help Experts Recommend To Overcome Them

For writing a quality dissertation you need to possess analytical thinking ability and exceptional dissertation proposal writing skills. It also requires weeks of planning and time management skills for completing it within the scheduled time. If you are engaged in co-curricular activities or have other assignments to submit, you can get this critical task done by dissertation assignment help experts. They hold years of experience in the field of academic writing. They gather authentic data from online sources, journals, articles and interviews for preparing well-versed academic papers. In this blog we will read about 3 research challenges faced by students and how online experts suggest overcoming them.

3 research challenges faced by students and how they can overcome them

Conducting in-depth research is the key to producing a quality write-up. But students often face challenges – from choosing a topic, to conducting research, to staying sane throughout the process. Here are some challenges faced by students –

  • Challenge: Choosing the right topic

Your dissertation topic is the foundation on which everything else rests so you have to choose it carefully. Here are some tips by dissertation help experts on how you can overcome this challenge –

  1. Choose a doable topic. You should choose a topic that you can do justice. Determine the resources available (time, information) before finalizing a topic.
  2. Go through all information available on the topic. The more you read on a topic the more it will be easier for you to figure out what to write in the paper.
  3. You should find a theoretical basis to back up your topic. The key is to have underlying theoretical context for the dissertation results.
  4. The topic should be appealing enough. You will be spending quite some time on your dissertation, so it has to be compelling enough that you will go the distance.
  • Challenge: Choosing the right methodology

After short listing the topic, you need to choose a methodology – the procedure for conducting research. The right methodology comes from the research question, not from your personal preference

  1. Instead of writing “The problem is” you can formulate the research question in this way – “The purpose of this study is…”
  2. You have to decide what kind of methodology is best for your research question. If the question has words like ‘generate’ or ‘explore’ then your study will be qualitative. If it has words like ‘correlate’ or ‘compare’ the study will be quantitative.
  3. If the study is qualitative, you have to focus on interviews for collecting data. If it is quantitative, you have to focus on statistical analysis. Your methodology should be so clear that anyone else can pick it up and do it the same way.
  4. You have to spend enough time to plan the entire process. You can consult dissertation help experts before beginning the task.
  • Challenge: Dealing with the collected data

The real challenge is to make sense of the data after you have completed your detailed study. Here are some suggestions for help with dissertation

  1. You have to ground yourself in the research and connect your research to the existing one. The data should be presented in a way that demonstrates how your research skills add to the body of knowledge.
  2. You have to stay focused while dealing with collected data. You have to pay close attention to irrelevant data as you do the analysis. You have to focus on your research question and hypothesis so that you don’t get distracted by your collected data.
  3. You have to allow the collected data to drive your presentation. It should drive how you present your dissertation paper. You have to carefully organize it around the research question.
  4. If you include a good quote or good point from a quantitative survey, you will be able to convince the readers much easily.

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