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Students struggle to draft an effective essay assignment and frantically search saying ‘help my college essay’ on the internet. According to eminent academic experts, preparing an outline before you start writing the essay actually help you in the long run and eases the confusion. Many are also of opinion that making an outline of the requirements you want to meet ‘essentially writes itself’ and improves the thought process.  In this write-up, therefore, we have drafted few fundamental rules of making outline of essay assignments-

      I.        Introduction:

This is the most important part of writing an essay assignment because it engages the reader to flip the page and read the whole paper. Students need to be careful about what they want to incorporate in the introductory paragraph of the essay. The experts suggest including short stories, anecdote, statistical data or a quotation that perfectly describes the essence of the paper. Introduce the research question and argument in this section, write in the clear language.  Do not write in the vague or ambiguous language; it will take a lot of time to understand later.

    II.        Background:

As you start writing an essay assignment, it is essential to describe the background of the research argument you have chosen. Do not illustrate the facts much while making essay outline. Rather include the help sources, date and other details. These will act as the dots that you need to join while writing the essay assignment. If require, take essay outline help.

   III.        Body

Paragraph 1- it is wise to break the body of the essay into three parts. In the first paragraph, add the most important argument of the paper. While making an outline of this paragraph, remember to connect it with the first research objective.

Paragraph 2- List the quotes, data and facts in this paragraph to support your second research objective.

Paragraph 3- Include real time examples in this section. Incorporate the example details here while making the outline. Remember to connect the examples with the research objective and make it suitable according to the chosen argument.

   IV.        Conclusion:

It is considered as the vital part of writing an essay assignment. While students face many difficulties writing a conclusion of an academic essay assignment, the online academic help services assist them to solve the problems. So feel free to ask ‘guide my college essayif you are in doubt writing conclusion. The experts suggest restating the thesis statement in conclusion to give the reader and overall idea of the study and its aspects. Connect the objectives with the findings. One cannot write a paper without some difficulties. Therefore, write the limitations you have faced- it can be limited sample size, lack of information or access to relevant data- but mention it clearly. Students also need to include recommendations in this section.

Few General Tips While Making Essay Outline -

  • Pay attention to the introduction- write using active voice and formal language
  • Write powerful conclusion- but remember not to copy the introduction.
  • Make an information clad essay- follow the structure
  • Always reference and cite the information using correct sources
  •  include a reference list at the end of the paper

Drafting an outline is equivalent to plan your essay. While many students think it as a waste of time and effort and go for writing the final paper just before the submission date, experts contradict. They say that the effectiveness of making outline is framing the ideas primarily and then working on it. As planning always pays in the long run, chances are there that you will draft a seamless paper. Plus, the long you spend time thinking the essay, you will make it perfect.

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