Things To Learn From Dissertation Introduction Examples

The introduction chapter of your dissertation is the first thing that the evaluator is going to read. Therefore, it has to be interesting enough so that it can convince the examiner to go through the entire paper. If you run out of ideas when it comes to writing the introductory paragraph, then you can read the dissertation introduction examples provided by experienced and professional dissertation editors. You can get to learn several things from those examples.

A dissertation introduction example is given below. Things to be learnt from that example are also discussed over here.

Example of a dissertation introduction

“Meme is a significant unit of cultural transmission and communication. Revolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins first coined the term “meme” in his book “The Selfish Gene” in 1976. This unit transmits cultural ideas, symbols, or practices from one mind to another. Memes are regarded as cultural analogues to genes.

An internet meme is a cultural symbol or idea, which spreads from one person to another. Most of the modern internet memes are humor-centered. An internet meme could be anything from an image to video or email. There are several types of internet memes. Satirical meme is one of them. The funny or witty language used in satirical memes mock cultural notions and contemporary issues implicitly. How the language is carnivalized in satirical memes will be analyzed in this paper”.

The topic is “a study on the carnivalized language used in satirical internet memes”. Now, let us discuss what you can learn from dissertation introduction example.

1) Writing style

A particular writing style needs to be adopted while composing the introductory chapter of a dissertation. It is obvious from the given example that the introduction should be written in a simple, straight, precise, and formal language. If you are not familiar with this writing style, then you should read more examples of dissertation introduction provided by writing help services.

2) How to write a catchy opening sentence

The opening sentence of the introduction has to be interesting so that it can easily grab the attention of the readers. There are several ways to make the opening sentence catchy. You can get to learn about those ways by reading the dissertation introduction examples. In the given example, the main topic is introduced in the opening sentence.

3) How to introduce the context

It is required to introduce the context in the introductory paragraph. If you are finding it difficult to introduce the background, then you should read examples provided by professionals. From the given example, you must have got an idea how to introduce the context.

4) Techniques to introduce the key concepts

The introductory chapter of a dissertation help should throw light on the key concepts. There are several techniques to introduce the key concepts. You can easily get to learn about those techniques by the reading the given example.

5) How to state the aim of the research

The introduction should state the aim of the research. In the given example, the sentence “How the language is carnivalized in satirical memes will be analyzed in this paper” sates the goal of the research. You can read more samples for having a clear idea.

Hope you will find this blog helpful.

Dissertation Introduction Example

Dissertation Introduction Example

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