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 Admin  October 23, 2021  Essay

How Technology Influences Essay Writing The Pros and Cons

How Technology Influences Essay Writing: The Pros and Cons Technology has impacted every aspect of life, and essay writing is no different. Students have made a massive improvement in the...

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 Admin  October 11, 2021  General

what is hyperbole? Meaning and use, along with 20+ hyperbole examples.

What is hyperbole? Hyperbole is the exaggerated form of words of expression. It is mainly used in narratives or storytelling to elaborate the depth of the statements. But many hyperbole s...

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 Admin  September 23, 2021  General

General overview of how to use who vs whom correctly with relevant examples

Many people often search for ‘how to use who vs whom correctly’ even as a native speaker. Naturally, you would not like to get embarrassed among the public only due to your ...

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 Admin  September 16, 2021  General

Critical Reflection | What Is It? | What Are the Elements Involved?

Critical reflections are quite common in coursework and homework across a wide slew of disciplines in the UK. There are different forms of critical reflection. For example, you can be asked to deve...

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