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 Admin  October 21, 2019  General

15 Tools to Avoid Plagiarism and Keep Academic Integrity Intact

The rapid growth in technology and communication in the last decade has made plagiarism a modern epidemic. Whether intended or unintended, plagiarism comes at a hefty p...

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 Admin  September 27, 2019  Research Paper

60+ Impressive Topic Ideas and Key Tips for Your Sports Research Paper

It’s a fact that academic writing becomes a lot easier if the author is genuinely interested in the topic. This is why most experts recommend choosing a topic tha...

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 Admin  July 31, 2019  Essay

Travelling Essay

“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” -Gustav F...

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 Admin  July 17, 2019  Essay

PEEL Paragraph a Guide to Write a Perfect Essay

Have you ever wondered what is a peel paragraph? How to write a peel example? The fact that essays are a significant part of formal education cannot be denied. Several ...

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