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 Admin  June 21, 2019  Essay

Explore 80+ Humourous Topic Ideas for Your Persuasive Speech

Persuading someone to accept your point of view requires an advanced set of skills. Ever tried to explain your parents why you need a new laptop? If you did, you might ...

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 Admin  June 6, 2019  Essay

Smart Tips to Write a ‘Who am I’ Essay for the Upcoming Semester

Writing a ‘who am I’ essay is indeed a difficult task. We often dig into our heads and souls to look for an answer to “who am I.” Most of us hav...

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 Admin  May 2, 2019  Essay

Argumentative Essay Writing Tips

Smart Tips for Writing an Argumentative Essay What's your opinion about the shape of our planet? Is it oblate spheroid like most of us have read in school? Is...

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 Admin  April 18, 2019  Research Paper

50+ Interesting Quantitative Research Topics

Quantitative research questions can be tricky at times. Student needs to choose the type of question he/she would like to answer or work on. Even though one may find pi...

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