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 Admin  May 2, 2019  Essay

Argumentative Essay Writing Tips

Smart Tips for Writing an Argumentative Essay What's your opinion about the shape of our planet? Is it oblate spheroid like most of us have read in school? Is...

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 Admin  March 5, 2019  Essay

A Brief Discussion on How to Write a Critical Thinking Essay

Critical Thinking Essay A critical thinking essay presents an elaborate analysis of a work of art as a book, film, or painting...

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 Admin  February 13, 2019  Essay

50 Unique Topic Ideas for Your Next Discursive Essay

An essay paper is one of the shortest forms of academic tasks, but it isn’t exactly the easiest. Conducting thorough research, preparing a thesis statement, draft...

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 Admin  September 22, 2018  Essay

100 Unique Topic Ideas for Your Persuasive Essay

A persuasive essay is a piece of content that generally tries to persuade the readers to believe in a certain point of view, using genuine logic and reasons. It shares a number of similariti...

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