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 Admin  October 21, 2019  General

15 Tools to Avoid Plagiarism and Keep Academic Integrity Intact

The rapid growth in technology and communication in the last decade has made plagiarism a modern epidemic. Whether intended or unintended, plagiarism comes at a hefty p...

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 Admin  August 6, 2018  General

How To Write Exemplary Personal Statements? Expert’s Guide and Tips

It must be somewhat confusing, complicated and tedious to sit down, think of all USPs you’ve got and jot them down in a unique way to be added in your personal st...

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 Admin  July 24, 2018  General

How to Write a Book Review

A book is the second paradise for all passionate readers and perhaps it’s the best friend for a person who’s either seeking insights in life or suffering da...

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 Admin  July 5, 2018  General

How To Write A Good Research Proposal

There’s a popular saying in the sphere of academics that, your research is only as a good as your proposal. A poorly constructed proposal can ruin the project eve...

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