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How to Identify Parallel Structure in a Sentence? 5 Effective Ways to do so

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How to Identify Parallel Structure in a Sentence
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A sentence can be made quite impressive with some elements. You will need to look into each sentence while writing an assignment or an essay. Parallel structure in a sentence makes it more beautiful, and you will find it easy to keep up with the word count. It is essential for you to know and understand the different ways to make an essay attractive. So, you must learn grammar properly and know how to use each element.

Parallel structure is an exciting part of a sentence, and you must understand the meaning of this term and the ways to identify it in a sentence. On that note, let us first understand the meaning and application of this term.

Meaning and Application of Parallel Structure

Parallel structure in a sentence formation can happen if you use the same grammatical structure. It helps to maintain a balance between sentences having similar phrase or clause. It is a very commonly used structure that you might have used knowingly or unknowingly. You may be able to relate to it once you go through the lesson.

You can use this structure beyond merging more than one sentence. You can use it to link more than one paragraph as well. This will make it easy for the reader to read and understand the sentences. The application of this structure depends on how good you are with grammar. Students who have a stronghold over the language and grammar find it easy to use such structures. So, you need to know how to use it before trying.

These examples will help you understand this structure.

He likes playing, watching TV and to write.” (Not parallel)

He likes playing, watching TV and writing.” (Parallel)

Now that you can understand the difference, let us move on to the five ways to identify a parallel structure in a sentence.

5 Effective Ways to Identify a Parallel Structure in a Sentence

The above mentioned example will help you understand what a parallel structure is and how it is applied. But, you might still find it tough to identify this structure in a sentence. As you will know that reading a lot of examples is essential for writing any paper. Therefore, you need to understand, identify, and read different samples to use this structure effectively. The following five ways will help you identify a parallel structure in a sentence.

  1. Check for coordinating conjunctions

Coordinating conjunctions are a significant element that will help you identify this structure in a sentence. You must look out for words like ‘for’, ‘and’, ‘or’, ‘but’, and check if the following sentence has any relation to the previous one. Once you learn how the coordinating conjunctions are used, it will be easier for you to frame a sentence using this structure.

  1. Check for correlative conjunctions

Grammar is a deciding factor for the parallel structure of a sentence. You must know the elements of grammar to identify the system. Correlative conjunctions are different type of conjunctions which signifies the design. You can see the use of words like ‘either…or’, ‘neither…nor’, etc. These are called correlative conjunctions in English grammar. Once you see these words in a sentence, you can be sure that the sentence follows the structure. You need to understand that ‘not only….but also’ is a different form of grammar altogether. It will not fall under correlative conjunction. You should not get confused with this.

  1. Check for items in a series

You will come across a lot of pieces where the sentence displays a series of action. These sentences happen to be the perfect example of a parallel structure. You can quickly identify the form when you see the sentence. You need to understand the differences and the series of items to determine the structure of a sentence.

The following example will help you with it:

He enjoys playing football in the field, watching sci-fi movies, and have delicious food.” - (Not parallel)

“He enjoys playing football in the field, watching sci-fi movies, and having delicious food.” - (Parallel)

Using –ing after each word helps maintain the sentence's uniformity and obeys the structure's rule.

  1. Check the clauses

Phrases and clauses are essential elements of a sentence. You need to know the proper application of them and learn the ways to apply them. In this structure's case, the sentence must maintain the uniformity of the clause throughout the sentence. It will help make a meaningful sentence and make identifying a parallel structured sentence easier.

  1. Check for linking verb

If you go through a sentence and do not find any of the above elements, check for linking verb. As the name suggests, a linking verb will build the relation between two sentences or the two parts of a sentence. You need to identify this verb to identify it as a parallel structure.

The above mentioned points will help you understand the different factors or signs to identify this sentence structure. You will learn a lot about each of these components in your institution. Once you know each of these elements, it will be easy for you to identify this structure.

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