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A Comprehensive Guide on Law Essay Writing

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Law Essay Writing
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Law essay writing is very different from conventional essays. Most students find the process overwhelming as it involves understanding proper legal arguments and analysing complicated legal theories and concepts. Let's now discuss the fundamentals of a good law essay.

Law Essay Writing: Getting Started

Knowing how to start a legal essay is extremely important for writing a winning law essay. Before you get on with your law essay writing task, you must pick out a good title using most familiar legal terminologies. Remember,

  • When you are writing your law essay introduction, don't right away start with the critical points of your essay—several experts' advice to open your paper with two or three sentences related to the background.
  • Don't neglect the main idea while writing your background information. Make sure to use the key terms from the question.
  • Be specific about what your essay is about, what you are planning to focus on, what theories are you applying, and if you are drawing any comparative judgment.
  • Once you have created the scope of your argument, create a brief outline to help your readers navigate through the paper.
  • Many students avoid putting their conclusion into their law essay introduction. However, some markers encourage it and find it professional and well-polished.

If you remember these points, you no longer have to worry about how to start a legal essay.

Creating the Perfect Law Essay Structure

Drafting a perfect law essay structure is essential to help you focus and saves time. Learn how to structure your essay effectively:  

  • Title:

Write an appealing title that compels your writer to read your paper. Try and focus on a specific aspect on which you want your readers to focus on. Give your reader something to recall after he completes his reading.

  • Introduction:

The purpose of your introduction is to acquaint your readers with the topic. Hence, it highlight an important issue that requires immediate attention. Keep your introduction well-organized, short, and transparent.

  • Thesis statement:

Your thesis statement is the most crucial aspect of your introduction. Remember three main areas while writing your thesis.

  • Your thesis must clearly and accurately state your original idea.

  • It should deal with a legal issue like a legal controversy and an unresolved case.

  • To make your thesis unique, try and combine a descriptive claim where you state about the current law with the prescriptive application where you discuss the required strategies for a change.

  • Background of the issue:

In this section, you need to explain why you are writing this paper. If the problem is about the quota system, tell why it is a problem. If the quota system is not a problem, then explain why it is not an issue and why you are writing about it. Explain with legal facts and details to make your readers understand.

  • Thesis Development:

In this section, you need to develop your thesis to prove your point. Support it with sufficient arguments, examples, and make references to different theories. Critically analyse the notions of law, functions, dysfunctions, classifications, traditions, and sources of the different types of law.

  • Include the arguments and consequences of your discussion on the society
  • Make multiple sections with its thematic subheading.
  • Each body paragraph must state a unique point that supports the thesis.
  • Conclusion:

Your conclusion must bring your essay to proper closure. You should not introduce any new idea here. Keep your conclusion short, thoughtful, and reflective. Summarise the thesis statement and the main points from the body and end it with a question, warning, or call to action.

Law essay writing is no easy task.  Always create a law essay structure for writing a persuasive piece.

9 Crucial Guidelines for First Class Legal Writing

Essay writing is hard as it is, and when it is for your law school, the task gets even more challenging. Here are nine top guidelines for top-notch legal writing: 

  • Start in advance with your paper not only to avoid unnecessary stress, but to leave you sufficient time to write, reference, and proofread your essay.

  • Read the question carefully to comprehend every aspect of it. Deconstruct the problem into small sections and understand what you must do.

  • You should carry out extensive research to gather relevant resources. Refer to appropriate previous cases. Dedicate sufficient time for online and offline research and avoid outdated information.

  • Create a proper writing plan and write appropriate sections like introduction, thesis, body, counter-argument, and conclusion.

  • You should present sufficient evidence to give a clear argument. Remember, your case should be authentic and highlight your personal views.

  • Critically analyse your paper and remove every small error. Submit a well-knit article with a proper presentation.

  • Strictly avoid legal jargons for the sake of sounding smart. Stick to your point and write your paper wisely within the mentioned word count.

  • To excel in law essay writing, you must improve your vocabulary. So, make a note of every new phrase you come across and learn them.

  • Seek help to understand the complexities of the subject. Legal matters tend to get tricky quickly. So, consult your professor and resolve your queries.

Along with these guidelines for compelling legal writing, there's one most important thing you must do to excel that is to practice. Regular practice is crucial for a solid "A" in your law paper.

Law Essay Writing Example

Below is a law essay writing example to explain to you the basic structure and writing style. Here, you are writing about how false rape accusations in modern society.

Rape is a severe criminal activity that takes place without the consent of a person. According to the statistical reports, every year, there are around 288,000 victims. Mind you; these are only the reported ones. But has it ever occurred to you, "what if some of these fake?" Surprisingly, the idea isn't farfetched. Some people would go this far to make the life of an innocent a living hell with a false accusation. Considering various research reports and real-life testimonials show how false rape accusations are increasing in numbers. The government must make it apparent that such allegations are severe crimes, and those who make them would face severe legal consequences.

Supporting this law will make the general public aware of the existence of such cases and highlight the negative impacts of the case on a real victim(s). The society sees rape as a horrifying sin, and everyone ostracises the perpetrator. The public fails to understand that there are two sides to a story. The US law states that the perpetrator isn't guilty until proven.  But what happens to the so-called "rapists?" Jackson Paolo, an American teenager, was acquitted of the rape charges but two weeks after the discharge he was found hanging from a tree. The same week, another case came into the light where Frank black, another American, was a victim of false accusation where his wife filed a lawsuit at the local police station and made his life a living nightmare. Later it was found that she wanted lump sum alimony to settle the ongoing divorce proceedings.

However, we belong to a society that needs strong evidence to support a claim. To strengthen the application, some ivory league institutions in the USA have done a thorough study on this issue. One of the reports states that about 8% of the accusations are fake. 44% of the cases didn't proceed due to insufficient evidence, or the incident wasn't as per the legal standards. Going by the statistics, the probability of fake accusations is alarmingly high.

The political power must enforce strict laws to increase the stringency of such an offence. The politicians must be aware of the growing threat of fake rape accusations. Despite it being a controversial topic, the unheard stories of the falsely accused "rapists" are rising in numbers. Their lives destroyed, and society refrains from giving them a second chance to living. The government must act on this issue and enforce suitable measures against real offenders.

Rape is an aggravated sexual crime which is around since the prehistoric times. Majority of the cases are unreported and unheard due to the fear of dire consequences or public outcry. But with the changing time, the outlook of the people is also changing.  People advocate victims so give them justice and bring the criminal to light. We all want a judgment against those who commit heinous crimes. But, will justice be served on those who lie about such a controversial matter? Will the people who have high prejudice against the rapists change their mindset? "Change" is mandatory is fight this from the core. Each crime has two sides of the story, and for every crime, justice must is paramount. The government, politicians, and various reputable sources must come together to fight this issue and save innocent lives from getting destroyed with a lie. As we fight on against the actual crime, only time will say if we can stand up against the fake allegations.

Now that you know about the structure and style of law essays try writing one on your own.

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