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How to Write a Reflective Essay

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How to write a reflective essay
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How to Write a Reflective Essay?

Students often wonder how to write a reflective essay, or get perplexed regarding what is a reflective essay format. Well, if you are aiming to impress your teachers with quality reflective essay writing, you ought to know about the minor details associated with it.

Now you must be wondering, “Where can I get the authentic reflective essay structure and the much-needed tips to make my content better?” Do not worry. You will get a comprehensive guide on reflective essay writing in this post.  

What Is A Reflective Essay?

Before you know how to write a reflective essay, let us first understand what is a reflective essay.

A reflective essay is an essay based on personal experience. When you write a reflective essay, you need to select an anecdote, an incident that the readers (teachers) can relate to. Once you have selected the topic, you need to elaborate on the event, highlighting different aspects like the situation, the time, the people involved, etc.

Furthermore, you need to share the lessons you learned from the situation, how did the incident affect you, and how did you change your personality thereafter.

What Is A Reflective Essay Format?

Now that you have an idea of reflective essay writing, let us focus on what is a reflective essay format.

Although the reflective essay template might change depending on the target audience, the main structure more or less remains the same. Thus you need to include the following elements:

  • An Introduction

In the introduction, you need to incorporate a hook to grab the attention of the readers (teachers). You might either begin with a rhetorical sentence or state a quote. Your hook will vary depending on the topic you choose.

Following this, you need to insert a thesis statement, a sentence highlighting what your essay will be focusing on. Here, you can mention the incident which helped you be the person you are today.

  • The Body

If you have looked at examples of reflective essays, you would have observed that the majority of the content is present in this section and that too in different paragraphs. The paragraphs are created on the basis of the chain of events (in chronological order).

You need to highlight all the details that we spoke about in the “What is a reflective essay” section. Your content should be cohesive, and you need to insert proper transition words like "nevertheless", "consequently," etc. so that the readers do not feel that they have hit a bump.

  • A Conclusion

Finally, you need to write a conclusion to round off your essay on a good note. You should keep this section short, as you may have noticed in the different samples of reflective essays. Just highlight the crucial points of the essay in this section.

Furthermore, you should state the lesson you learned, contributing to your personality development. Finally, add a line, concerned with the plans you have in store for moving forward. Hopefully, the structure stated above will help you out in writing a good reflective essay. However, if you have any problems, refer to an example of a reflective essay.

How to Choose Reflective Essay Topics?

Writing a reflective essay on intriguing topics is the key to fetch exemplary grades. Now many of you might be wondering, how to choose a reflective essay topic in the first place. Since the topic is based on your life, you are in a better position to judge whether your experience is appealing or not.

Nevertheless, you must select an experience that consists of a strong emotional aspect, and more importantly, which you remember most vividly. Since you need to narrate the entire incident, you should be able to recollect the entire event. Moreover, you should make sure that your readers (teachers) are able to gain insight into the moral lesson.  

If you are looking for topic ideas for a reflective essay, take a look at the examples stated below.

  • An evening stroll in the mountain roads
  • Your first voting experience
  • The best Christmas present you ever received
  • Bunking a classroom session
  • Supporting your favorite football club from the stands

Which one did you find interesting?

How to Start a Reflective Essay?

If you are wondering, how to start a reflective essay on a strong note, just follow the tips suggested below. You should provide:

  • An Interesting Hook

Writing a reflective essay introduction is not that difficult. You should start with an interesting hook, where you either state a quote relevant to your content or pose a question. For instance, you might ask, "Have you ever felt the need to isolate yourself from others, yet crave human interaction at the same time?" if your topic is “An instance of mixed feelings."

  • A Catchy Thesis Statement

You need to provide a catchy thesis statement, where you shed light on the experience you wish to discuss. For instance, you might write “I had mixed feelings when my family asked me to accompany them on a trip to Italy” if your topic is the same stated above.

  • A Background Detail

Your teacher would be looking for the context firsthand to understand the entire narration. Thus, you should provide background detail on the experience you are about to share.

If you have been worried all this time wondering how to write a reflective essay introduction for university, the above-mentioned tips will help you out.

How to Conclude a Reflective Essay?

If you have been thinking, how to conclude a reflective essay properly, just read on to get a detailed insight.

Your reflective essay conclusion should consist of the following points:

  • The key points discussed in the essay (for instance, the turning points in your story)
  • The thesis statement
  • The lesson you learned from the experience and a piece of advice for the readers
  • Your plans for the future

The key to writing an effective conclusion is to keep the content short and articulate. It is typically written in one paragraph. However, depending on the word count, the content size may vary.

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