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Why running a plagiarism check on your document is essential?

If you use someone else’s work in your document without the proper acknowledgement, it is considered as plagiarism. However, your document may also have traces of plagiarism, if your words coincidentally match with existing text. Performing a plagiarism check helps you determine whether the text in your document is original or has been duplicated from an existing copy. Also, it can save you from the consequences of submitting a plagiarised document.

What benefits does our plagiarism checker offer?

  • 100% authentic reports
  • No limit on text length
  • Instant results
  • Complete privacy of data
  • Free for all users

How it works?

Our online plagiarism checking tool is handy and absolutely user-friendly. You don’t need to register or submit any personal details to use this advanced plagiarism checking tool. Just follow these below-mentioned steps and get the results at zero cost.


Our tool is compatible with all text file formats including PDF, DOC, DOCX, TXT, PPT, PPTX, ODT and RTF. You can either upload the file or paste the text directly.


Once the text is uploaded, you need to click on “Get Free Report” to proceed. Our online tool then scans your text and prepares it for comparison.


Our tool uses an advanced algorithm to compare the scanned text across billions of web pages and 10 million+ publications for traces of plagiarism.


Our tool highlights the plagiarised content in the text after the comparison and delivers an accurate report on the authenticity of your content.

Our tool compares your text across more than 1.5 billion web pages and 10 million+ published documents. Moreover, we have 5 million+ academic papers, articles and journals in our database, which are also compared with your paper while scanning. This exercise allows our plagiarism checking tool to deliver 100% authentic reports on every attempt. Not to forget, this also relieves you from the worry of having plagiarism in the paper. You can use our tool to scan your academic papers, scripts, PowerPoint presentations and even website content in an instant.

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